Martin Gross (Guitar, Trumpet , Vocals, Alphorn, Cowbells and the “singing” Saw). Martin loves getting the audience involved; especially with his Prosits and the “Hoi! Hoi! Hoi!” He is the leader of the “Oktoberfest Musikanten”, which performs at the German pavilion at EPCOT and has been a main stay with that band since 1982. He also plays limited outside engagements and has recorded several CD's with his own group. Martin enjoys writing and arranging not only German folk music, but other styles of music as well. He hails from Buffalo, NY while his wife Waltraud (Vallie) is from Muhlhofen, Germany. They have three children. Together, they enjoy biking, walking, traveling, supporting the Orlando City soccer team and other outdoor activities.

Bill Page (MIDI Accordionist) is the leader of the “Alpine Express”. He began studying the accordion at the age of 7 in his hometown of Pasadena, Tx.  In his musical studies, he also played guitar, bass guitar, violin, tuba, piano and choir. He began his professional career playing in various German Biergartens around the Houston area. In 1979, Bill was awarded first place in the Texas State Accordion championship. In 1982, he accepted a position at EPCOT’s German pavilion as an entertainer and worked various entertainment groups during his tenure there.  Today, you can find him working as a soloist, with his duo, trio or band and other various German groups.

Frank Ciavatta (Retired) (Drums, Vocals and Wooden Laughter) began his musical career with drum lessons beginning at the age of eleven with his instructor, Sam Roth. Later, he studied at Music City in his hometown of Philadelphia. After serving in the US Army, he performed as freelance musician in various clubs in Orlando until he was hired by Disney. At Disney, you could find Frank performing with street bands playing Dixieland music with various bands around the WDW properties. His career at Disney also gave him the opportunity to back various entertainers such as “Carmen Cavalaro”, “Joann Castle”, “Chuck Berry” and many shows at the Contemporary Hotel, including “All That Jazz”. For the last 22 plus years , he worked at EPCOT in the German pavilion performing with Bill and Marty in the “Oktoberfest Musikanten”. Frank retired from the Walt Disney Co. in 2016/ Frank adds “My career as a musician has been surrounded by gifted, talented and skilled musicians. I am fortunate to continue performing in the German-American clubs because of Bill Page and Martin Gross.  The beat goes on!” Bill says “Sounds like he wants a raise!” LOL Although Frank is no longer playing, he is still considered a member of our band and we are lucky to call him "friend".

Alpine Express

    Orlando, FL